Rolek Resources was looking to take advantage of the growth in the emerging energy market, with specific regard to the rapidly growing battery storage sector.

The Challenge

After a recent acquisition and subsequent merger, Rolek Resources acquired a series of backup tapes on legacy tape media from the newly purchased company. Rolek was only interested in a small section of the data however, they could not read the tapes using their internal drives. Furthermore, the data was encapsulated in an unknown backup format.

The Solution

Using Tape Ark’s tape to cloud liberation platform, the data experts were able to identify the backup format, restore the data, and catalog the tapes’ contents. The team also created an index to allow Rolek Resources to easily identify and select the most critical files to retrieve and store.

According to Managing Director Vincent Algar, the data on the tapes contained an irreplaceable geological database saving the company a significant amount of money.

“Tape Ark finding the database we needed was a huge win for Rolek Resources, saving significant money and time for the company … it allowed us to move forward on our exploration efforts with little delay,” said Algar.
Vincent Algar, Managing Director, Rolek Resources