Tape Ark is a technology company solely focused on migrating data to the cloud.

A self-identified maverick Guy C. Holmes, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tape Ark, saw an opportunity with the early emergence of cloud computing to drive an innovative approach to data storage and management, which would enable organizations to liberate their data from legacy media to the cloud en masse.

As a result of Tape Ark’s groundbreaking technological approach, data sitting underutilized and inaccessible to modern cloud technologies in offsite storage warehouses can be liberated enabling organizations to efficiently store and gain instant access to their data, scale their IT operations and keep their data infrastructure up to date.

Why Tape Ark

As specialists in mass migration of tape media and data formats, Tape Ark has worked with customers across a wide range of industries to preserve and remaster valuable tape bound data to the cloud. As a strongly aligned team, Tape Ark has the knowledge and expertise to make legacy datasets accessible in the future.

Tape Ark’s innovative solutions are powerful, cost-effective, and forward-thinking.

  1. We love solving customer problems. No matter the size or complexity of the solution required we’ll have A-gamers working on it – experts in data formats and tape media.
  2. We are the only company worldwide whose sole focus is tape-to-cloud migration en masse!
  3. We are cloud-agnostic – meaning we work in the interests of our customers. Tape Ark has strong relationships with all the public cloud partners and is a Technology Partner for AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Visit our Powered by Tape Ark Partner Page.
  4. We have built a unique, scalable technology stack using modern tools because we recognize the continued investment in long term media life is a bet against technological progress.
  5. We are independently owned. We do not operate as a division or subsidiary of a larger parent company. We believe Tape Ark’s autonomy is the cornerstone to exceeding customer expectations, our success, and our future ambitions.

The Nexus

Tape Ark was inspired by Guy C. Holmes’s curiosity as he scrutinized the business impact of the cost to store data on tape media in offsite warehouses, the rise in the capacity of LTO tape media, and the increasing affordability of public cloud storage. Having spent over two decades of his working career in the restoration, migration and preservation of corporate data assets from legacy media, specialising particularly in outdated tape and recording technologies, Guy was able to identify a convergence occurring. He saw that there was a ‘nexus point’ where each of the three trendlines intersect: that of the cost of cloud storage decreasing, that of the capacity of tape media increasing, and that of offsite data storage costs slowly rising over time. Guy realised that for every media tape created prior to this nexus point, on a cost-per-Gb basis it would be cheaper to have it in a long-term cloud storage tier such as Glacier/S3 rather than leaving it to deteriorate in a warehouse.

Today, modern companies are embracing ‘data as the new oil’, and are re-engineering their technology foundations to take advantage of current and emerging opportunities offered by accessing services in the public clouds. By connecting all their data (legacy and current) to modern applications and platforms they’re identifying new insights, making new discoveries, and improving revenue streams for their companies.

The Team

Tape Ark’s team has been handpicked for their natural enthusiasm for solving customer problems, innovative thinking, and deep technical experience. With significant years of complementary expertise, the team is strongly aligned to Tape Ark’s purpose to ‘liberate the world’s largest collection of data’.

The Maverick Mindset
Knowledge is power – but only if the knowledge is accessible. To move forward we must look back, understand the data we have and start thinking about how to utilize it – this is a big data frame of mind.

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