Comprehensive Media Audit

Not sure exactly what tapes you have in your collection, what they contain, or where to begin? Tape Ark’s unique Comprehensive Media Audit gives organizations accurate information about their true data volume, tape profile collection, and how best to start the cloud migration journey. The process is fast, affordable and insightful.

An easy first-step that delivers value

We’ve engineered the first step for ease and convenience. Our customer-centric approach starts with understanding your data access objectives and working backward from there.

Data risk assessment

Tape Ark uses artificial intelligence tools to assess the physical condition of your media, applying a risk profile to each media based on known manufacturer performance of the tape type over time. This in-depth examination informs the media sequencing for priority processing.

A complete data footprint

A Comprehensive Media Audit will provide critical information that allows you to make informed decisions. You’ll know how much data you actually have, how much of your data is duplicated, and you’ll also be able to triage your data migration based on the data value and usage requirements. Importantly, you will also know the exact volume of data to be ingested allowing you to appropriately budget and manage your cloud costs.

Critical details about your tape media

During the audit, we confirm the exact type and quantity of media in your collection. The audit will identify critical information for a successful ingest including potential duplicate media, the age of the collection, at-risk media types susceptible to data loss, orphaning, and much more.

Migrate with No Upfront Fees

Ideal for organizations looking to avoid large capital outlays, we offer tailored plans suitable to your business needs.

Pay by the data volume you store, and receive all the benefits of the clouds’ redundancy and rapid access.

Available only with Migrate: Virtualization & Migrate: Restore

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Tape Ark prides itself on its technical capability. Customers feel assured their objectives and unique challenges are well understood – what’s important to them, where they’re headed, and the opportunities that lie ahead.

The Maverick Mindset
Knowledge is power – but only if the knowledge is accessible. To move forward we must look back, understand the data we have and start thinking about how to utilize it – this is a big data frame of mind.

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