Tape Migration: Virtualization

Tape Ark can virtualize your entire physical tape collection, and preserve your backups in a secure, highly redundant, low-cost Virtual Tape Library (VTL) cloud. For many years, a physical offsite backup was considered a viable solution for organizations that wanted to store any data stored on tape. Moving forward to today, advancements in technology have made this method of tape storage obsolete. Businesses across the world are realizing that migrating legacy tape from offsite backup storage vaults to the cloud is essential. Not only does it raise potential revenue opportunities, but also reduces the risk of exposure for organizations with sensitive data.

Benefits of backing up tape to the cloud

There are many benefits to storing backup tapes to the cloud as opposed to an offsite backup facility. A Virtual Tape Library (VTL) offers the simplest replacement for physical tape archiving and is flexible, easy to manage and reliable, offering lower latency, and enhanced performance. By shifting your backup tape to a VTL, you are also able to remove expensive and no longer necessary hardware and software from your infrastructure.

Scalable virtualization for your data

Tape Ark is recognized for its scalability and ability to migrate tapes en masse to the cloud. As a future-focused organization, we have created sophisticated tape storage solutions that enable you to reduce the cost and risk of managing large physical tape collections and bring yesterday’s data backup tapes into the cloud for streamlined management. At Tape Ark, we work with a range of different cloud platforms to securely store your backup tape to the cloud. Tape Ark is partnered with major cloud storage providers including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. We have also worked closely with other cloud storage services such as Wasabi & Backblaze to safely store backup tapes to the cloud.

State of the art data security

We securely convert your physical backup tapes to virtual tapes using state of the art data security technology, including encryption at rest and transfer to your preferred cloud platform. Tape Ark leverages many of the same extensive security protocols available from cloud partners.

No upfront fees

Ideal for organizations looking to avoid large capital outlays, we offer tailored plans suitable to your business needs. Pay by how much data you have, not how many tapes you store, and receive all the benefits of a cloud-based Virtual Tape Library.

A cost-effective tape archiving solution

Tape Ark connects your existing backup tape application to the virtual tapes, which means no training or process change is required. With no more tape deterioration, faulty hardware, tape refreshes, offsite storage costs, or maintenance fees for legacy hardware, there are a number of direct cost savings for your organization when switching to a Virtual Tape Library.

Back up your tape with Tape Ark today

Remove the hassle of offsite backup tape storage with Tape Ark’s leading cloud-based backup tape storage services. We’re the world’s only dedicated tape to cloud mass migration experts. To find out more about how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

Not sure if we can help your organization? Learn more about our service offering and how we’ve helped organizations back up their tape to the cloud by browsing through our customer stories today.

Migrate with No Upfront Fees

Ideal for organizations looking to avoid large capital outlays, we offer tailored plans suitable to your business needs.

Pay by the data volume you store and receive all the benefits of the clouds’ redundancy and rapid access.

Available only with Migrate: Virtualization & Migrate: Restore

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