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The consensus today is that if you’re not using AI, your company’s in danger of falling behind. The technology now is so efficient that it’s completely changed how we handle our data. Keeping it on tapes now just caps its potential.

Tape Ark can help your company to apply AI and ML capabilities to datasets currently locked up on tapes. Whether you’re in the media and entertainment industry, and want facial recognition for the cast of a show, work in a medical profession, and want it to analyze X-rays for research, or work for the Bureau of Meteorology, and are using it to investigate climate patterns, there’s a tool for you out there, whatever you’re looking for. The possibilities are endless once the data’s off tape.

Tape Ark has its own custom AI tools that we employ as part of our workflow. Some of the tools that we use from our partners are listed below for your information.

Amazon Web Services:                     Microsoft Azure: 

Amazon Rekognition                           Azure AI Face service

Amazon Textract                                  Azure AI Document Intelligence

Amazon Transcribe                              Azure AI Speech


Tape Ark prides itself on its technical capability. Customers feel assured their objectives and unique challenges are well understood – what’s important to them, where they’re headed, and the opportunities that lie ahead.

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The Maverick Mindset
Knowledge is power – but only if the knowledge is accessible. To move forward we must look back, understand the data we have and start thinking about how to utilize it – this is a big data frame of mind.

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