Our Security Measures

When you migrate your data with us, data security is our utmost priority. We have controls in place at each stage of the process to make sure your data stays in the right hands. These security measures are both physical and digital. Alarm systems are installed across all our locations and your data is encrypted in transfer and at rest. Our certifications with globally-recognised accreditors in quality management systems like JASANZ, UKAS, and INTERTEK SAI Global (ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013), are proof of our alignment with international standards. Our other certifications include Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus, which sign off on the safeguards that we have against threats. Our dedicated security team works around the clock to make sure our systems stay as airtight as ever.





The Cloud Transition

In moving a customer’s data to one of our partner cloud platforms, that data becomes protected by all the inbuilt controls the partner provides as part of their offering. Their large-scale investment in cyber security complements the vision we have of ourselves as custodians of your data while it’s in transit, doing all we can to ensure its safe passage. Once your cloud ingest is completed, we remove all data from our internal systems, so that no trace is left but what is now in the cloud.


The Maverick Mindset
Knowledge is power – but only if the knowledge is accessible. To move forward we must look back, understand the data we have and start thinking about how to utilize it – this is a big data frame of mind.

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