Paying money to store historical tape media in offsite vaults is old school.  It is time to adopt the Cloud and get real access to your data. It is time for Tape Ark.


Tape Migration to the Cloud 

Tape Ark is bringing offsite, archive tape data management into the 21st century by providing high volume migration from tape media directly to the cloud.  It is an innovative solution which embraces digital and virtual data storage technologies and re-imagines the way we approach physical offsite data storage. 

How does it work?

Coming soon - Tape Ark's new explanatory video.

The offsite vault to cloud migration process explained. How does it work, how do you access data, how much time does it take. All your questions answered.

What are the benefits?

What is the upside for migrating offsite archive tapes to the cloud?  Put simply, the list of benefits is endless - how much time do you have?

For a full debrief on the environmental, economic, technological and value added reasons, click here.   

Tape isn’t dead, but off site storage of tape certainly is. No more vaults, no more courier vans, just simple and immediate access to our historical tape based data. “Tape Ark is the future of tape vault storage”