If you have been looking for a way to get your legacy data out of Groupwise, look no further.

Escape Groupwise once and for all.

Tape Ark can systematically move user mailboxes across from GroupWise or Exchange to your new chosen platform seamlessly and cost effectively, and at scale, allowing companies to move multi-petabyte data collections from just about any backup format, through to a new email system.

Tape Ark handles all tape-based data backup formats including server based archives, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), Netbackup and BackupExec formats. The process can extract the Groupwise Post Offices and Exchange repositories so that historical users of the legacy system can be migrated to a new email platform, providing access to email that may be over 20 years old.

This allows companies to remove massive volumes of physical legacy tapes and hardware, legacy tape software, Novell Network dependencies, and legacy operating systems that are no longer supported (Windows 3.1, Windows 95).

The final resulting email can also then be deduplicated to reduce the total footprint of the mail, and virus checked to ensure legacy viruses and potentially harmful file attachments are removed and quarantined.

The service additionally gives customers the option to migrate to a number of email systems, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft O365 or simply .PST that can be used at a later date if and only when needed.

The Tape Ark team are experts in migrating large volumes of tape based data and reformatting the resulting data at scale.


  • Eliminate legacy hardware
  • Eliminate legacy tape drives
  • Eliminate the need to maintain legacy backup software
  • Eliminate tape storage fees and dispose of legacy physical tapes formats
  • Eliminate the need to maintain various operating systems.
  • Remove the requirements for Novell network protocols
  • Allow for seamless email e-discovery at scale
  • Cleanse the legacy data of viruses and harmful attachments
  • Deduplicate the resulting data to optimize storage

Any other questions, get in touch with our team.

Groupwise was a product originally of WordPerfect Corporation.  Novell acquired WordPerfect in 1994.  Later Micro Focus released Groupwise 2014.

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