Messaging and Email/Outlook Data Restoration – Restoration of email databases at the server level with delivery at the user mailbox level.

Email messaging content is an essential component of any organisation with much of the data that is sent and received not being stored in any other repository. As a result the requirement to restore data from email backups has become more frequent and critical. This has become further compounded by the regulatory compliance requirements to retain email data for up to 7 years (or longer, depending on the Regulatory Authority).

Tape Ark’s messaging server data restoration ensures fast and efficient restoration of user email data. The restored data will be delivered in an easily accessible format applicable to your current email system including Microsoft Outlook Exchange Database Files (EDB) and Outlook Personal Storage Table (PST) files Filters can also be applied so that data is delivered by specific criteria relating to the user, date ranges, or specific keywords.

Email restoration services are provided for both archival or current systems alleviating the burden from internal infrastructure and personnel. Tape Ark are also able to provide more specific eDiscovery services relating to the restoration of email data on request.

Service benefits include:

  • Reduction of internal IT pressures on time and resources.
  • Restoration and delivery of pertinent data via specified criteria.
  • Delivery of restored data in an easily accessible format.
  • Experience and knowledge ensures seamless, fast and efficient data restoration.
  • Flexibility of services ranging from ad hoc projects or longer term engagements.
  • Strict security measures undertaken.
  • Additional assistance available for litigation requirements.


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