Witness a world first in oil and gas data management happen in real time

Tape Ark will be shooting live seismic data directly to the cloud and demonstrating instantaneous data capture and processing capability.

Are you heading to Houston in April for PPDM’s Professional Petroleum Data Expo?

PPDM_Tape Ark & AWS Combined Rig & Boat.jpg

Tape Ark will be there and Tape Ark Founder and CEO Guy Holmes will present on “The Adoption of the Cloud in the Oil Industry”. In an exclusive world first for the oil and gas industry, and in conjunction with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Guy will showcase – in real time – live seismic data acquisition taking place in Oklahoma, with data flowing directly into the AWS cloud and Availability Zone located in Virginia.  Automated data management, metadata capture, GIS registration, and post processing interpretation will all be performed in Houston during his 30 minute presentation. The data will be shot and ingested straight into the AWS cloud without the need for any other storage mechanism such as tape or hard disk. 
With the newly acquired data immediately available in the cloud (and an automatic backup instantly created in Amazon Glacier), Tape Ark will then utilise data management software provider Petrosys' dbMap software and processing and interpretation software company DownUnder Geo's Insight software, demonstrating how the newly acquired seismic data can be QA/QC’ed in real time and then passed through a series of processes that takes minutes, where they would normally take months. Tape Ark is cutting the data management workflow down to be in sync with the acquisition of new data allowing geophysicists to adjust seismic acquisition systems and perform processing and interpretation in real time. The new process cuts out the need to make copies of the data on tape in the field, removes the months of delay that usually occurs while waiting for the data to be shipped from the field to processing houses, instantly creates a backed up version of the data for long term data retention in a single, simple and elegant workflow. Once the data is in the Tape Ark Open Petroleum Data Lake (OPDL) joint venture copies and data sharing are as easy and quick as clicking on a button. The new process saves enormous amounts of time and significant costs and brings the data management function right to the data.
We are sure you will not want to miss witnessing this live world first seismic event on Tuesday 17th April at 3pm.

To read more about the presentation or the process or to see the full Agenda for PPDM’s Professional Petroleum Data Expo in Houston, please click here.