Tape Ark completes the migration of one of the largest tape-based sports broadcast video collections in the world, moving it to Google Cloud.

Tape Ark has brought a major sports video collection to Google Cloud for one of the largest sports broadcasters in the world, and is now embarking on similar projects for several other significant collections.

In a combination of wins for both Tape Ark and Google Cloud, one of the world’s largest sports broadcasters has called on Tape Ark to migrate its historical collections of video content from a range of pro sports to the Google Cloud platform.

For over 30 years, broadcasters worldwide have relied on tapes to store and manage large-scale content collections. Now, with the power of Google Cloud’s Video on Demand (VOD) streaming technology, these collections can finally be liberated. This allows broadcasters to not only monetize previously idle video content but to also take advantage of modern AI and ML technologies to make new discoveries and perform predictive analytics.

The cloud ingest of these collections which in total measure over 40Pb of video, not only enables that content to be monetized, but also means that the broadcaster is able to save time and money that previously went on maintaining the collection. All of the legacy tape infrastructure, hardware maintenance, software licenses, data center space, power and cooling costs, offsite tape storage, and the physical management of their on-premise systems, can gratefully now be a thing of the past.

Projects like these lead to cost savings for broadcasters, increases their speed of access to content, and – when public – will eventually provide sports enthusiasts with a massive historical back catalogue of many of their favorite sports. This all goes towards enabling even better technology for sports broadcasting in the future.

“Content sitting idle on tape media is an asset that needs to be liberated to the cloud to take full advantage of the opportunities it presents. This is not only the case for sports content, but also for news, health, research, weather, banking and insurance to name just a few. Tape Ark has now liberated almost 1 exabyte of content in the last three years, and this is just the tip of the iceberg,” stated Guy Holmes, Founder and CEO of Tape Ark.

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