As you might have seen already, Tape Ark’s services are now in LA. We have expanded into another of Equinix’s data centers to bring us closer to a key market in the Media and Entertainment and Broadcast sector. In what has been several good years for our partnership, Tape Ark is turning to Equinix again to supply the digital infrastructure we need for moving giant data collections from tape to cloud efficiently and securely. Deploying our local operations through their facilities guarantees a high level of service at every stage of the migration process, in this case for the Media and Entertainment customers who will be the main focus for our team in LA.


The trend behind this latest expansion:

It probably wouldn’t even occur to most people that film studios still have content on tape, instead of on hard disks or the cloud. But behind the scenes in Hollywood there are a lot of old tapes, and as a result, a lot of demand for our services. When the alternatives to offsite tape storage are more persuasive and exciting than ever, Media and Entertainment companies are losing patience with the limitations of the medium. Tape Ark’s role in performing a migration is first and foremost to preserve their assets, conserving film history by moving those archives completely intact to a new destination. But it’s also about giving the content new life. Moving to the cloud makes cloud streaming possible. It also allows them to centralize production by changing to a single production studio in the cloud, one replete with all the software and tools to get the content ready for the screen. The company can then pitch it to streaming platforms and broadcasters to help them meet consumer demand and include older content alongside new releases. To be able to do this is every data owner’s dream, but because we are talking about such big collections, they lack the capacity to do the ingest themselves. Tape Ark is tasked with overseeing the transition so that the company can get on with business.


Equinix’s role in our company’s strategy:

When you’re moving data at scale, who you partner with makes a difference. Tape Ark trusts Equinix as our data center partner for their direct connectivity to all the leading cloud platforms, their reliable infrastructure and services, and their significant global reach. They help us make our services available to the customers and areas where they will have the most impact.

For more information on what our new LA site means, head over to the other post here. For more information on our partner Equinix, click here to check out their website.