Alongside Dallas and Montreal, Los Angeles will be our third mass data ingest location in North America, and our eighth location worldwide. We will be starting work in LA with immediate effect.

The Tape Ark team is pleased to announce that Tape Ark’s services are now in LA. As well as being part of Tape Ark’s general expansion, this new location will have a clear focus on working with Media and Entertainment and Broadcast customers based in the Hollywood, Studios City, and Southeast San Fernando Valley area.

Tape Ark’s decision to establish a site in LA is in response to the growing demand for multi-petabyte mass tape-to-cloud migrations that only Tape Ark can perform at this scale. In this age of streaming, what is still sitting on tape is a wasted opportunity.

What the new base in LA will mean for our customers:

Since many of our customers are in the U.S. film industry, we knew that we needed to be near Hollywood too. Tape Ark’s presence in LA will enable closer collaboration, shorten project times overall, help create more efficient workflows, and open our services to a whole new city. Customers won’t have to worry about the long-distance transportation of highly valuable and irreplaceable tapes beyond the city where they are kept. We’ll be right there to receive them ourselves. “Being local, to help our customers with logistics, project turn-around times, and cost-savings, this expansion to LA makes a whole lot of sense,” says Guy Holmes, Founder and CEO of Tape Ark. 

The case for tape-to-cloud migrations:

The case for tape-to-cloud migrations is generally strong no matter your industry. Tape to cloud migrations are an effective way to preserve what you have, while at the same time allowing you to get more value out of your content going forward. Of course in the Media and Entertainment and Broadcast industry, the case for migrating to the cloud to enable streaming capabilities is even more convincing. To learn more about the benefits of our services, below are the links to a number of articles. 

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If you are interested in speaking to our team or you have a project for us in the LA area, get in touch via email at, or through the ‘contact us’ page here. Whatever your inquiry, we’ll be happy to help.