In 2019 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (Rock Hall) engaged Tape Ark to ingest half a petabyte of historically significant content into Amazon Web Services S3 Glacier Deep Archive storage. Using its proprietary technology stack, Tape Ark restored the tapes from legacy proprietary formatting and efficiently moved the content to AWS.

Guy Holmes, Tape Ark, CEO said, “I founded Tape Ark to solve these types of problems for organizations like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame who have highly valuable and inaccessible content or data sitting on degrading and inaccessible storage tape. Not only can we help customers with a broad range of tape formats, but we can scale the world’s largest tape collections”.

Today’s music enthusiasts expect content to be streamed to their preferred channel where ever and whenever they require it. In 2012, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame established a separate library and archive to collect, preserve and provide access to the institution’s archival collections. This included millions of documents, audio recordings, photographs, video files, and other materials chronicling the evolution of rock music.

The Rock Hall recognized that its tape infrastructure was inaccessible and unsustainable leaving them with no way to access part of their unique and priceless collection.

In 2018, Heidi Quicksilver, Senior Director of Digital Systems and Strategy at the Rock Hall undertook a preservation technology infrastructure assessment.

“The objective of the project was to recover original preservation media files from LTO tapes, which were no longer accessible. Some of the content is born digital and could not be re-digitized. We needed a solution that was scalable, highly accessible, and could easily apply new applications to it such as AI & ML”.

Heidi was introduced to Tape Ark through her AWS Partner as the experts in tape migration. The process was easy and fast with Tape Ark managing the end-to-end migration which included auditing, restoring, and migrating the files to AWS Storage.

“There were 2,000 files we knew we needed, across 600 LTO tapes, Tape Ark also found 109 preservation level videos that I didn’t know about. I’d say that’s an over 100% success rate”, said Heidi Quicksilver.

With the data now in the cloud, the Rock Hall will be able to efficiently access the assets in their day to day business, set lifecycle policy, and apply a number of cloud-enabling technologies such as AI and ML, Speech to Text, Automated Metadata Creation, OCR, Facial Recognition tools, unleashing same game-changing opportunities.

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