Tape Ark Launches Cloud Based Oil & Gas Services

The oil industry has a long and combative love affair with tape based data storage.  Tape based data storage was always done as a matter of course, because no other viable options were available.  However, with significant changes to cloud storage pricing and the addition of new tools for data analytics and processing, tape is rapidly becoming the second cousin in the industry.

“My experience in the oil industry, especially in North America and Asia, is that companies use tape because they have to, but not many of them would choose it over disk or cloud based immediately accessible storage.  The problem has been that disk based storage has not been commercially viable – that is until the Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage platform hit the market.  Now oil companies can see the obvious benefits of public cloud, the security it offers, and the flexibility that only a scalable platform like the cloud can offer,” said Guy Holmes, Founder and CEO of Tape Ark, and a geophysicist by background.

Tape Ark has now launched a comprehensive array of geophysical data services for the oil industry to help manage data from acquisition to archive.  The services include:

All of the services centre upon the new Tape Ark Petroleum Data Lake that sits on the AWS platform. Data going into the Petroleum Data Lake it stored very cost effectively, and is immediately accessible to analytics, GIS interfaces and big data tools.  In addition, data sharing for joint venture partners and governments can be done instantly and at huge cost reductions to traditional tape transcription or copying of tapes.  This new innovation means that the continuous data lifecycle of tape migration to new media is now no longer required.  Any company currently doing tape duplication projects to share data with other companies or to upgrade their media can stop wasting money and instead put that data in the cloud and use it or share it from there.  Oil companies currently spend millions of dollars a year on data acquisition, duplication, and transfers – but this is no longer required in the Tape Ark model.

NB: Some services not currently available in all geographical locations – please Contact Us for availability.