Tape Ark leverages Amazon Web Services (AWS) to manage data in the cloud.  This gives us global reach, and means that your data will be stored in a region that you choose.  This allows for rapid access, regional availability, and ensures that your data can stay in your region, or if you prefer, for disaster recovery purposes out of your region.

The Amazon cloud infrastructure is built around Regions and Availability Zones:

Regions are completely independent and provide multiple, physically separated and isolated Availability Zones within a region.  There may be several Availability Zones within one region.

Availability Zones are isolated from each other within a region, but are connected with low latency, high throughput, and highly redundant networking.

AWS Local Regions – designed for customers who specifically need to replicate their data or applications over greater geographic distances.  An AWS Local Region is a single data centre which complements an existing AWS Region but is completely isolated from other AWS Regions.

The design of isolated yet connected Availability Zones within AWS Regions offers Tape Ark customers a more effective way to design and operate applications, data lakes, or  databases, making them highly available, fault tolerant, and far more scalable and cost effective  than traditional private cloud options.

The Amazon cloud currently spans 53 Availability Zones within 18 geographic Regions and 1 Local Region around the world.  AWS have announced plans for 12 more Availability Zones and four more Regions in Bahrain, Hong Kong SAR, Sweden and a second AWS GovCloud Region in the US.  Ultimately, this means that Tape Ark can put your data in any location you wish.


Global Tape Ark Data Management Zones

World Map - AWS Regions Tape Ark Manages Data In_TEST.jpg

Region & Number of Availability Zones

Globe Map_North South America.jpg
Globe Map_Europe Africa Middle East.jpg
Globe Map_Asia Pacific.jpg

The Americas

Region - Canada

Region - US East


Region - US West

Region - South America

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Region - Europe
Region - Europe
Region - Europe
Region - Europe
Region - Europe

Region - Middle East


Asia & Pacific

Region - China
Region - China
Region - China

Region - Asia Pacific
Region - Asia Pacific
Region - Asia Pacific
Region - Asia Pacific
Region - Asia Pacific
Region - Asia Pacific



Availability Zone - Central Canada

Availability Zone - North Virginia
Availability Zone - Ohio
Planned AZ - AWS Govt Cloud

Availability Zone - Northern California
Availability Zone - Oregon

Availability Zone - Sao Paulo


Availability Zone - Frankfurt, Germany
Availability Zone - Dublin, Ireland
Availability Zone - London, UK
Availability Zone - Paris, France
Planned AZ - Sweden

Planned AZ - Bahrain



Availability Zone - Beijing
Availability Zone - Ningxia
Planned AZ - Hong Kong SAR

Availability Zone - Mumbai
Availability Zone - Singapore
Availability Zone - Seoul
Availability Zone - Sydney
Availability Zone - Tokyo
Availability Zone - Osaka - Local AZ