Broadcasters and television studios are now looking to move their production and distribution to cloud based editing and streaming platforms.  These organizations have used tape-based infrastructure for over 40 years and have amassed archive collections that are the most important assets they own.  

Moving to the cloud for the broadcast industry is without question a great way to modernize the traditional studio but getting all the content from on-premise tape storage to the cloud is extremely difficult for these companies to perform themselves while also trying to run their broadcast operations on a day to day basis. The volumes are usually multi-petabyte, the media types complex, and the data formats can widely vary.

Tape Ark has designed a mass ingest platform that allows broadcasters to migrate to the cloud without interrupting their current broadcasting workloads.  Once the content is migrated, the in-house production technology and media asset management (MAM) systems can be easily redirected to this new content repository so that reliance on on-prem content is removed and the broadcaster can start to make use of the new repository immediately.

Tape Ark has completed over 75Pb of content migration measuring into the billions of assets.  Every asset we move has a new hash value calculated (MD5, SHA256 etc) to ensure a perfect transfer was performed.  In addition, new metadata can now be extracted from the content as we move it to help add metadata information to the MAM in readiness for advanced projects like AI and ML to take place on the assets.

Once complete, Tape Ark can then run AI to find all videos with a certain presenter or interviewee using facial recognition.  Speech-to-text can be performed to capture all of the spoken words in every video to create a massive free text index for use in finding relevant content quickly.  Searches for product placement, objects, etc can all be performed at scale.

Tape Ark is committed to liberating assets from tape to ensure deep access and useability of your content, with our suite of solutions that will maximize the value of your content for today, tomorrow, and beyond.