Tape Vault Storage is so Yesterday!

If you are looking to store your physical tapes (LTOs, etc.) in offsite storage – DON’T!

Tape Ark offers a free tape virtualization service that migrates your tapes to an air gapped, immutable, and cyber protected version in the cloud. Accessible from anywhere in the world, by all major backup vendors including Commvault, NetBackup, TSM, and Arcserve. (Full list here – Tape Formats and Data Formats)

For the same price as physical tape vault storage, you can store your tapes in the cloud, access them at any time (no courier vans), and apply retention periods to automatically reduce your data holding for compliance reasons.

The virtual offer also allows you to break free from your current backup platform and make new arrangements to backup directly to the cloud, without worrying about legacy hardware and legacy system management.

There are several options:

What industry is tape virtualization applicable to?

What Cloud can I use for this service?

Ten top reasons to STOP using physical tape storage

  1. No more tapes
  2. No more courier vans
  3. No more legacy tape drives
  4. No more legacy restore software management
  5. No more rack space for tape equipment
  6. No more managing numerous backup environments
  7. Ability to move freely into a cloud backup and restore solution
  8. Granular data retention management
  9. Save money instead of wasting it on dead storage in a vault
  10. Gain access to your data within seconds instead of days

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Trying to find a fast way to get your data into your cloud account from on-premise devices or duplicate your tapes? Remove the hassle of using limited bandwidth connections or transfer devices, by using Tape Ark’s leading data ingest technology and high bandwidth connectivity to perform these major imports for you. Tape Ark is the world’s only dedicated tape and disk to cloud and tape to tape mass migration experts.

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