One of the traditional services still used in IT and Data Management functions is the physical offsite storage of legacy tapes. Legacy tapes hold data that is recognised as necessary information, being either sourced from production or corporate activities and stored on backup tape captured during specific points in time. For many years, physical offsite storage of backup tapes for ''record keeping'' was a viable solution for organisations.

Fast forward to today and the landscape has changed. Offsite storage for backup tapes is no longer the optimal storage location when organizations are looking to achieve their compliance and regulatory requirements. This practice has created many orphaned data collections and the data becomes increasingly difficult to restore due to tape degradation and equipment obsolescence.

By 2025, it’s estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be created each day globally – that’s the equivalent of 212,765,957 DVDs per day.^

One exabyte is equal to about one fifth of the words people have ever spoken.

In our hyper-connected world, companies are embracing the benefits of cloud storage as the preferred option, and are working their way to migrating their data and systems to the cloud. However, for some organisations cloud migrating of legacy backup tapes can be hard thinking, resource intense and overwhelming. Some tape collections span into millions - 'that's right, ''millions'' and are scattered across the globe in storage facilities. This means the organisation’s legacy data is disconnected from current data information architecture, is capital intense to maintain, challenging to get access (taking up to several hours, days even weeks), and is at risk of being lost forever due to storage on deteriorating ageing technology that was not intended for decades of storage.

Data is one of the most important assets for any company and its correct (or incorrect) management will have a material impact on an organisations performance if not managed appropriately. 

Migrating legacy data from offsite storage vaults to the cloud is essential. For some organisations, the data presents lucrative revenue opportunities, e.g. Oil and Gas sector and Media, Broadcast and Entertainment, Health and Life Sciences. For others like Corporates and Financial Institutions, it can efficiently aid compliance requirements and reduce risk exposure.

Access and Control

The ease of access and control of data is a foundation for all businesses; no industry is immune; data is the lifeblood of organisations. Tape-to-cloud migration into a single seamless data repository of legacy and current data helps organisations to evaluate their data and put in place the appropriate management and control systems that work towards achieving performance and cost objectives.

Not all data is valuable, and not all data is created equal. To determine where you sit on this spectrum, you first need access and control of your data.

Some considerations in the case of tape to cloud migration 

  1. The potential costs savings as you move from CapEx to OpEx, data tiering storage, enhanced manage and storage requirements avoiding over or under provisioning of storage.

  2. The business and IT benefits go well beyond the cost equation including applying cutting edge analytics tools, cross-team and / or department collaboration of production data; identify new revenue streams, reduce workflows etc.

  3. The opportunity cost of not having access to and control of data has the potential to slow organisational progress.

  4. It will eventually happen - tape to cloud migration is no longer a matter of 'should we begin?’, the question now is ‘when to begin?’. With the high volume of data being consumed and stored and the applications of cutting edge analytical tools to drive performance, more and more organisations are leveraging historical data to drive innovation programs, improve performance and drive competitive advantage.

Where to from here?

Tape Ark's cross-industry expertise, offers organisations an efficient, reliable and cost-effective approach through high volume tape-to-cloud migration to their preferred cloud platform.

Through the use of Tape 'Ark's scalable technology stack, and in conjunction with our cloud platform partners technology, legacy tapes can seamlessly be migrated to the cloud en-masse - safe, fast and secure. 

Tape Ark is dedicated to a #NoMoreTape and #TapeToCloud world, where we remove needless courier vans from our streets, as well as emissions from air conditioning and gas suppression systems into our environment. We desire to give clients control of their data and make it instantly and economically accessible to them anywhere and when they require it. 

To find out more about how you can access your legacy tape with our unique tape to cloud migration technology, contact the team at Tape Ark today on 1800 951 916.

^Source: Venture Capitalist
Source for exabyte reference: Data Table