One of the oldest, most archaic IT services being provided today is the physical offsite storage of tapes in vaults. It is touted as secure, best practice and really the ONLY solution available for this ever-growing data collection - but that is simply no longer the case. The reality is that this industry has been ripe for disruption for a very long time. With the decreasing cost of cloud storage and tape backup, the rise in tools and tape archive solutions sets for big data and analytics. That’s why the time has come to put an end to this archaic and wasteful industry for once and for all.

In the new millennium, millions of companies around the world have moved to cloud storage for their regular backup routine, turning their back on and forgoing the need to backup data to physical tapes and store it offsite. This adoption of new cloud technology leaves the problem of tens of millions of legacy tapes sitting in tape vault storage. This is data which is still relevant and useful, potentially valuable and often required for regulatory compliance, yet this data is disconnected, hard to access and is deteriorating on aging technology.  

So, how does one bring together tape-based data and cloud-based data into a single seamless data repository?  Tape Ark – that's how. We liberate data from tape.

Tape Ark is bringing the management of offsite, archive tape data into the 21st century by providing high volume migration of aging corporate data from tape media directly to the cloud, using public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. By providing some of the most innovative tape archive solutions going around, Tape Ark embraces digital and virtual data storage technologies and re-imagines the way we have traditionally approached physical offsite data storage. 

Through the use of Tape Ark’s scalable and automated tape migration tools and sophisticated backend infrastructure, and in conjunction with our cloud platform partners technology, legacy tapes can seamlessly be migrated to the cloud en masse and then accessed through the Tape Ark client portal. By “en masse”, it’s not just referring to ten tapes here and there, but tapes in the tens of thousands can be migrated off their historical media and into the cloud in a rapid and robust fashion. The only costs are the ongoing monthly cloud storage costs which, in most cases, are less than the current physical storage costs of archived tape in an offsite data vault.

The team at Tape Ark are on a mission to end the wasteful game of insisting that air-conditioned secure rooms are an essential part of your IT infrastructure. Because let’s face it - it isn’t, and it shouldn’t be. We are dedicated to a #NoMoreTape and #TapeToCloud world, where we remove needless courier vans from our streets, as well as emissions from air conditioning and gas suppression systems into our environment. We want to give client data back to the client and make it instantly and economically accessible to them where and when they want it. 

It’s time to go virtual and get real access to your archive data. It’s time for Tape Ark. To find out more about how you can access your tape data with our tape to cloud storage technology, contact the team at Tape Ark today on 1800 951 916.