Many organizations using physical offsite storage vaults for tapes believe there is no alternative to this data storage approach. With advancements in cloud storage and cloud-enabled technologies, this cannot be further from the truth.

The are many impacts of using outdated forms of data storage with numerous organizations not only losing track of what they have stored offsite and its value to them today but also having no way to recover or access the data backups quickly. Unfortunately, many have resigned themselves to paying ever-increasing extortionate prices for offsite tape storage for the rest of their corporate lives.

The unfortunate reality is there is also significant fear towards the prospect of having to restore from old tape media and data formats, knowing the required legacy technology and software may not be readily available.

At Tape Ark, we have an internal motto of ‘doing data justice.’ We exist to enable organizations to break free from old school warehouse tape vault storage systems, liberating data from tape bound media so that organizations can regain access to all of their data. Our safe, secure and efficient proprietary tape to cloud mass-migration services allows for all data formats to be accessible almost instantaneously in the cloud instead of outdated processes that could take hours, days, or even weeks.

Restoring critical data is no longer a concern, and our processes enable data retention plans to become proactive and robust. When information is centrally available, teams and departments can collaborate – sharing new insights and identifying new opportunities and knowledge through applying the latest analytical tools and technologies.

Instead of paying year-on-year increases in costs for storage vaults, cloud-based data storage and backups allows for flexible and agile options based on the value and utility of data and your business’s operational requirements. Don’t forget, while the cost of offsite storage has increased year on year, cloud storage has seen over 60 price decreases in the past ten years.

Migrating to the cloud is simpler than you may think

Tape Ark’s unique and ground-breaking tape to cloud migration model allows fast, hassle-free migration from old school offsite backup tape storage and vaulting services to your preferred cloud platform. With deep technical expertise, capability, and global networks, we can work with almost any data and video format. No job is too big, too small, or too complicated. With our unique cataloguing system and efficient auditing process, we can provide you with an accurate indication of your cloud footprint, allowing you to know precisely what data you have and how to access it.

Moving all tape data (from legacy through to backup) to a centralized cloud storage platform will result in productivity improvements, time savings, and cost and efficiency savings through:

  • Offsite storage facilities and associated costs – we can assist you with storing your media as we migrate the data to the cloud so that you don’t have to continue to pay redundant offsite storage costs.
  • Streaming of your data – fast and efficient access to data^, seconds instead of days.
  • Robust data durability and reliability.
  • The organization driving the security needs of data
  • The ability to create backup and data replication to different geographies for disaster recovery
  • Elimination of tape degradation and data loss now that data is securely in the cloud.
  • Direct online access to cutting edge analytics tools for greater data utility.
  • The ongoing environmental benefits of data stored in the cloud.

As #DataDrivenMavericks, we understand the benefits of freeing organizations physically and mentally from the traditional, cumbersome, and often complicated yet unreliable, offsite data storage model.

^Performance pending on cloud provider and storage tier