Using highly scalable and proprietary tape migration infrastructure, Tape Ark experts provide seamless solutions to transfer a wide range of data formats and tape types to the cloud.

The Preferred Tape Migration Solution for any Industry

Do you have limited access to your historical data because it’s on tapes that are sitting in offsite physical storage facilities? Do you need ready and easy access to your data for compliance or data management purposes? Are your IT capital costs increasing due to maintaining the legacy infrastructure and software for the one time you might need to restore and access your data? Finding minimal return on cost in your offsite physical data and tape storage provider/s? Looking for someone you can trust to ‘lift and shift’ your historical data to the cloud?

Tape Ark has created a technology stack to safely and securely extract and transfer your tape-based data into your preferred cloud provider. Unlike other providers, our system is highly scalable and automated. Whether we’re ingesting 10 tapes or thousands of tapes, we’ve designed the most efficient tape data archive solution to ensure for a reliable and seamless workflow that will provide you with easy access to your data.

The Tape Ark way

Tape Ark is bringing the management of offsite, archive tape data into the 21st century by providing high volume migration of data from tape media directly to the cloud, using public cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure. By providing some of the most innovative tape archive solutions going around, Tape Ark embraces digital and virtual data storage technologies and re-defines the traditionally approach of the physical offsite data storage.

Tape Ark has designed a proprietary tape data migration system to make it easy for any organisation, any size or any type, to gain ease of access and control to their historical data.

  1. Access: Send your tapes to Tape Ark, or we can help by providing secure chain of custody tracked logistic services. We have processing facilities located in North America, Europe, Australia, and India. Alternatively, we can come to you.
  2. Audit: Tape Ark’s comprehensive Media Audit helps you to understand your legacy data prior to migration, identifying duplicate tapes to eliminate and helps with planning appropriate storage tiers suitable to your business and data management needs.
  3. Ingest: Irrespective of the age, tape type or data format we can successfully and efficiently migrate the contents of the tape to your cloud provider utilising a ‘lift and shift’ approach. All data is encrypted during transfer to the cloud ensuring a safe and secure migration.
  4. Retrieve: Once your data is in the cloud you can connect it in a range of ways that suit your organisation and data needs. Tape Ark can restore, reformat and process your data and position it in the most useful way for future access. Data retrieval times are reduced dramatically compared to physical tape and you no longer need to consider the risk and implications of damaged, lost or stolen tapes.
  5. Store, Return or Dispose: If you require a physical copy of your tapes to be retained, Tape Ark can offer ultra low storage costs at one of our facilities whilst your data is accessible in the cloud. We can also return your tapes or provide a secure certified tape destruction service upon request.

Tape Archiving in the Past

Historically, tape was the key component in any backup and disaster recovery system. The portability and high storage capacity of the tapes allowed data to be taken offsite for potential future access should it be required. As time has gone on, backup systems have consistently evolved to newer and higher capacity tapes and more robust software products. On average, companies changed their backup software and choice of tape media at least once every three years to keep pace with the changing technology available. These constant changes in technology have created massive numbers of orphaned data sets on inaccessible media around the world.

Today, the public cloud has now become the most viable alternative for historical and backup tape. Companies are switching from tape backup to direct-to-cloud backup in record numbers so that they have access and control of all their data.

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