Innovating tape and data management, while preserving and future-proofing your ageing digital assets

Tape Ark was borne out of one of the largest independent data management companies in the Southern Hemisphere. As the company grew, it sold its oil and gas data management division to a leading US firm, and has now focused its experience and expertise on providing corporate data services in the area of legacy tape restore and migration to the cloud. Tape Ark is highly experienced in all aspects of tape and data management, in particular the restoration, migration and preservation of corporate data assets from legacy media and redundant, outdated tape and recording technologies. 

We are one of the first to provide a solution that eliminated the need for physical tape storage by transferring legacy tape based data to the cloud, allowing the data to be accessed in ways never before possible.

As a specialist data solutions provider, Tape Ark has assisted a multitude of clients globally to preserve and remaster valuable, ageing data archives. We provide the knowledge and expertise to make obsolete datasets accessible for current commercial requirements and to ensure continued access to these datasets into the future. Our innovative solutions are powerful, cost effective and forward thinking.

Our primary focus at Tape Ark is providing solutions to the long-standing problem of accessing tape based data held in offsite tape vaults, and we have more than two decades of experience in the data restoration area. Companies that store significant volumes of data in off site storage tend to be throwing good money after bad.  Long term retention of tapes can be expensive and tends to restrict a companies ability to migrate their internal technology systems to new and more flexible solutions.  As a company builds a significant archive of old tape media, it can be difficult to migrate to new technology as in order to read previously created data, you need access to old technology (both software and hardware).

Tape Ark operates globally from a head office in Perth, Western Australia.  We have representatives across Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas and projects are undertaken globally from our Perth office or we mobilise to the project providing local support via a network of business partners. 

Tape Ark is an independently owned organisation and we do not operate as a division or subsidiary of a larger parent company. The fact that we are entirely autonomous has been the cornerstone to our success. Our independence has enabled Tape Ark to grow dynamically and develop and implement new technology and services when and where our clients have had a requirement – without the bureaucracy or differing priorities of a larger organisation.