Information & Communications Technology Manager – Your Next Role?

We are looking for a MASTER OF THE TAPE ARK IT INFRASTRUCTURE UNDERWORLD - someone with in-depth knowledge of all things tape, cloud, data and IT.

  • Do you want to be a key part of something huge & kick some butt along the way?

  • Are you an IT & Infrastructure Guru chomping at the bit for your next challenge?

  • Full time, Perth based role with Start-up about to go global in next 12 months

We hate tape.  We hate it so much we spent money making T-shirts that say so. But sometimes, to really hate something, you need to understand it in an absolute sense.  If you have in depth knowledge of tapes, tape drives, legacy technology, SCSI, SATA, Fibre Chan, Backup and Restore, and general all around IT knowledge to help a company grow – then you have passed first base with us.  To get to home plate, you have to be a perfect cultural fit.  If you don’t fit, we don’t want you – and you wont want to be here. 

Besides the mandatory sense of humour, passion and energy, you will need to be able to crush the following:

  • Competency with Microsoft Windows, Red Hat/Centos Linux.

  • Extensive experience with SCSI, SAS and FC tape devices across a range of media.

  • Hold Microsoft Certified System Administrator (MCSA) or UNIX, Linux equivalent certification.

  • Experience in both LAN and WAN networking in an enterprise environment which includes protocols such as IPSec, MPLS and VPN.

  • Ability to build resilient and scaleable systems as workload demands.

  • Experience in cloud computing in either Azure, GCP or AWS – preferably all of them.

  • Competency in the design and setup of cloud virtual Servers, networks and databases.

  • Competent in Python and Shell Scripting.

  • Previous experience supporting Backup products such as NetBackup, BackupExec, Commvault, Networker, TSM and similar.

  • Previous experience with SCSI, SAS and FC tape devices.

E-business Area:

  • Support of Email

  • DMZ/Gateway support

  • DR

  • Business content filtering; security, spam, litigation


  • Manage small but growing team to support the business and the operations


  • Support all facets of storage, tape, disk, networking, transfer devices, banks and banks of tape drives, cooling, power, planning, etc as we grow the operations.

  • Understand and manage cloud based online data access portals and virtual tape libraries

  • Manage and support all CPU (Real, Virtual, or imaginary)

  • Assist technical team with getting stuff done.

Sales and Marketing

  • Be engaged with the whole team.  Understand what we sell, why we sell it, and help us build and validate our services.

Facilities and Services Support

  • Help maintain, design, manage, and build data centre and mass tape ingest facilities in the USA, Europe, and wherever else we decide to grow into.

Tape Ark is building something special and we are looking for someone who is ready to give us their all.  This job is not for the feint of heart.

This is a Perth-based, early stage opportunity where the successful candidate will be given the freedom to take ownership of their role and operate to their full potential. Along with the daily exposure to Tape Ark’s global partners, you will enjoy the perks including employee share option plan, flexibility and opportunities that come with growing a global technology business.

If you would like further information or think you are ready to jump on board the Ark, then please send your CV and an introduction email to

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