As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Technology Partner and experts in data management, Tape Ark helps customers think through the possibilities that the AWS platform can bring to their organisation or workflows.

Tape Ark’s Oil & Gas Services can help with importing large volumes of data into the cloud, hosting a cloud-based GIS interface to your cloud-based data, as well as moving databases and other applications to AWS.  We are experts at integrating AWS with a range of oil and gas products and workflows like seismic acquisition direct to the cloud and transferring archives to AWS Glacier storage from private clouds or internally hosted applications. 

Tape Ark is also experienced in building custom solutions using Amazon’s server-less platform products like Lambda, Aurora, and Redshift.

The Tape Ark team works with our customers to develop strategies, migrate workloads, and manage data storage on AWS. Our own seismic data access portal is a platform where clients can store their masses of data, and we provide a search and retrieval process for both S3 and Glacier based data sets.

The services we provide include:

  • Mass migration of seismic and well data to the cloud from tape, disk, servers etc. 
  • Design of a storage strategy using the AWS platform to get the best commercial model and accessibility possible.
  • Advice on the application of tool sets like AI and Analytics to your data to extract new value
  • Design and implementation of seismic acquisition data direct to the cloud
  • Automated data processing and metadata capture of data for updating or building data management databases

The oil and gas industry stands to make significant improvements in work flow and data management by leveraging the AWS cloud.  Tape Ark can help plan your move to the cloud and we offer services to help you transform your data management practices.

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