By liberating your video data and gaining ongoing and immediate access to your collection the following benefits are immediately achievable:

Video Content Recognition_AdobeStock_38363526_LR.jpg
  • Commercialise and monetise your content by making it available for streaming or downloading  – turning what was an ageing cost centre into a new digital revenue stream
  • Preserve historical and important content on deteriorating media  for future audiences
  • Reduce or eliminate offsite and in-house physical storage costs and associated retrieval and access fees
  • Eliminate need to maintain ageing legacy tape drives and hardware onsite to play analogue film reels
  • Ability to share data quickly and easily with approved partners, third parties and other organisations or the community
  • Reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint by going digital
  • Immediately produce backup and retention copies for risk management

Once your data is liberated and accessible in a digital format, a whole new world of digital content opportunity is suddenly at your fingertips. Click here to read our Post Digitisation Content Opportunity page.

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