The Tape Ark team is a meeting of many exceptional minds. 

Every staff member brings a variety of industry sector experience to the table, both practical and theoretical.  They have worked on all continents of the globe for organisations both large and small.  Our highly skilled and qualified team come from a multitude of disciplines – including, but not limited to; data technicians, IT and computer science, programmers, forensic and data recovery experts, and the sciences. 

The collective amalgamation of these varied skill sets and expertise offers a unique and unparalleled insight into tape and data management to our clients. This enables us to see things differently, see past old habits and create better ways of doing things for our customers, the industry and our planet.

Our key personnel include:


Guy Holmes
Founder & Director

Guy is a serial entrepreneur and successful leader with a proven track record in the growth of start-up and turn around businesses in the IT, medical, retail and information management sectors. Truth be told, after starting five companies from scratch, in various industry segments, it should be no secret why Guy is bald.

He has been known to get a bee in his bonnet about a problem, and then go out and find a way to solve it. Late one night in 2015, after 19 years of working in data management with magnetic tapes and having read over 5 million tapes Guy made a profound discovery.  That discovery is why Tape Ark was born and encompasses Guy’s dream of eliminating historical tape archives from the planet and turning the archaic practise of offsite physical tape storage on its head.

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Kyle Evans
Director, Sales & Business Development

Kyle is an industry veteran with more than 15 year’s sales and commercial management experience and is responsible for leading and expanding Tape Ark’s business development team and driving our growth through the engagement of corporate clients, government organisations and key vendors within the technology sector.

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Alain Mehl
Software & Systems Development

Alain has been writing code and developing software and web solutions for over 15 years.  He is our key cloud solutions architect and developer and spends his days programming and developing all things .net and SQL amongst many other acronyms.

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Mike Skinner
Technical Specialist

The Tape Ark guru on all things technical with over 25 years experience deploying computer environments large and small. Whether it is hardware or software, Mike is our man.

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Samantha May
Administration Manager

Organising and managing accounts and administration is Sam’s thing. And she is awesome at it. With almost 20 years of Executive Assistant and Office Manager roles under her belt, Sam knows how to run a tight ship – or should we say ark! 

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Teena Townsend
Marketing & Communications Manager

Teena is our passionate, results driven marketing and communications team member who loves to write and dive into all things digital, creative and communications related, growing the Tape Ark brand and getting our message out to the world as well as fostering strong relationships along the way.

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