Tape Ark's 3D "Deep Diving into Data" Podcast Currently In Production

A big shout out to everyone PPDM Perth Workshop last week who participated in Tape Ark’s inaugural podcast “Tape Ark 3D – Deep Diving into Data”.  Guy Holmes & Kyle Evans are in the Magic Studios podcast studio this week and  post production work is well under way.  Stay tuned!!  A big thank you to AWS and Petrosys – our podcast sponsors and all interviewees Trudy Curtis (PPDM), Andrew Owen (Geoscience Australia), Ted Fletcher (Woodside), Jess Kozman (Woodside), Doris Ross (Woodside), and Chris Schmid (Unearthed).

Tape Ark 3D Podcast KE & GH In Studio_LR.jpg
Tape Ark 3D Podcast_GH in Production_LR.jpg

Cloud Storage & Standards Key Take Homes from PPDM Perth Workshop 2018

What an amazing PPDM Association event last week  – the PPDM Perth Workshop was a huge success with a massive record Australian turnout. The Thursday afternoon Seismic DM Panel discussion (hosted by Jess Kozman and including panelists Guy Holmes Stephen Rogers,  Andrew Owen, Andy Cairns and Kerry Blinston) illustrated just how much the industry has evolved in such a short space of time with the an almost unanimous show of support towards the adoption of public cloud storage and reiteration of the importance of Standards within the industry. My cloud jacket was also a hit – thanks for all of the compliments (and hecklers). 

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PPDM_Panel Discussion_1_Cropped.jpg