Saving the World’s Second Largest Collection of Data - DAMA Sydney

Tape Ark Founder and CEO Guy Holmes is honoured to have been invited to address the Australian Data Management Association (DAMA) Sydney Chapter next Tuesday 8th May and will be presenting a talk entitled “Saving the World’s Second Largest Collection of Data”. 

Quick Overview
If the largest collection of data we have right now is what is online, on our networks, in Amazon and Google etc, then what is the second largest collection? The answer is the world’s collection of tapes.
Just about every major corporate and government body that is performing backup and recovery to a reasonable standard, has created copies of all of their valuable data on tapes that are now sitting offsite as part of a disaster recovery plan. The problem of course is that this data cannot be touched by users without significant effort. In fact, today there is an estimated 1 billion tapes sitting in offsite storage. The tapes are getting older, the drives are becoming obsolete, and with the advent of Big Data and Analytics tools, more and more companies want to gain access to these collections.

Guy presents an overview of why people want access, how it can be managed, and his own experiences with legacy data recovery projects that yielded important results.

Networking from 5pm with presentation from 6-7pm.  For tickets and further information, please click here.

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