A Data Storage Snapshot in Time: The 1965 Memorex Time Capsule

While carrying out some research recently on the evolution of data storage, the Tape Ark team happened to come across this little historical gem from more than half a century ago – the 1965 Memorex Annual Report.  It is a time before most (well some!!) of us were born and a quick read of it provides a brief technological insight right back to the dawn of the industry and its subsequent technological evolution. 

We’ve “lifted” (with gracious thanks to Memorex) our favourite images and snippets from the 1965 Annual Report’s contents to share with our readers and hope that you too will find something in there that evokes the same level respect and admiration we have developed for these pioneers of industry and the early insight they had to future issues and developments of tape storage.   

The full 1965 Memorex Annual Report can be found and downloaded from here.