Tape Ark 3D - Deep Diving into Data Podcast

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Welcome to the Tape Ark 3D podcast – where we deep dive into data – in particular the technologies changing the way data is consumed, processed, stored and managed. Tape Ark, together with public cloud providers are combining to make use of the world’s 2nd largest collection of data to make discoveries for the future using data from the past. That collection is all of the tapes created as backups and offsite copies from companies, governments, scientific organisations and which is currently locked on physical tape and inaccessible for processing and monetisation.

Since inception, Tape Ark has rapidly expanded into analytics and artificial intelligence - processing valuable and historical video, scientific data sets, and oil and gas data at scale.  As an outlet for the work we are doing and as a result of the rapidly changing technology landscape, the Tape Ark 3D podcast was created to keep customers and technology enthusiasts abreast of new ways to look at old problems.

Deep Diving into Data: Tape Ark 3D is hosted by Guy Holmes, Tape Ark’s Founder and CEO and Kyle Evans, Tape Ark’s Director of Sales.

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