It's a fact of life that virtually all types of media data will become unreadable if left untouched for years. Technology is changing faster than ever, and storage media that's state-of-the-art today may well be obsolete in a few years' time.  The industry or accepted “standard” for geophysical data storage is constantly evolving and often differs between continent, region, country or organisation.

Although historically the above has been true, the evolution of the cloud now offers oil and gas companies a unique opportunity to put an end to the need to use tape at all, let alone have to worry about upgrading tape media every few years.  Not only that, but the cloud allows the data to be stored, shared, accessed, and processed on scale and instantly.  No more need to read tapes, no more need to copy tapes for processing - EVER.

Tape Ark specialise in the migration and re-mastering of seismic data from old tape media for output and ingest directly into the cloud or alternatively to the latest industry-standard tape media or disk. Once migrated to the cloud, ageing data is then protected against decay and obsolescence of old media or drives, thus ensuring it is more accessible for use. 

Tape Ark offers a comprehensive range of data migration services for the oil and gas industry. These include:

  • Bit-for-bit data recovery and migration
  • Bit-for-bit tape copy
  • Stiction reversal treatment
  • Demultiplexing SEGA, SEGB and SEGC formats to standard SEGY
  • Reformatting of vintage short record data from SEGY and SEGD to larger blocks sizes
  • Reformatting of vintage proprietary formats such as Western Code, CGG internal, DISCO, Phoenix to standard
  • RODE
  • Navigation data 
  • 9 & 21 track tape transcription
  • Data subsetting of record or shot point ranges
  • Well Log Data reformatting from LIS, DLIS to standard
  • With output of all of the above products direct to the cloud or to high density tape.

Tape Ark know and understand geophysical data.  We have been migrating and managing exploration data for over a quarter of a century and have a comprehensive arsenal of legacy tape drives and devices that span more than 50 years of tape and data storage technology.  From open reel magnetic tapes from the early 1960s, 4mm and 8mm DAT & Exabyte tapes to the 3480/3490/3590 technologies favoured by the exploration industry, Tape Ark have the tape drives, technology and experience to migrate and copy your geophysical data – regardless of vintage.  All EOL (end of life) tape media covered.

Our data engineers and technicians have developed proprietary software and custom designed interfaces to handle many of the complex issues that can be encountered during the migration of legacy, EOL (end of life) media.  They facilitate the connection of these obsolete tape drives to modern PCs, ensuring that your data can be accessed and read from any type of legacy reel to reel magnetic tape media and then transcribed and migrated to higher density, industry standard technology using our very latest software.

Tape Ark’s geophysical data migration services:

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