Seagate Lyve Data Services Powered by Tape Ark - A Broadcast Media Industry Example.


Tape Ark’s mission is to liberate the world’s second largest collection of data.

We mass migrate legacy data held on magnetic tape and make it available to the incredible tools in the public cloud. This opens up possibilities for our customers to make profound discoveries within their legacy content, monetize it and increase data accessibility.

The broadcast media industry, for example, holds petabytes of legacy film and video footage on tape in offsite storage – data which is often subject to an indefinite retention policy. The tapes are decaying, the data is difficult to access, the content often unknown or unindexed and cannot be distributed or monetized in its current form.

This short 60 second video demonstrates how you can take ageing and decaying archive data footage and once accessible, turn that cost centre into a valuable business asset with the application of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such facial/celebrity, object detection and classification or sentiment analysis.

Please share the link to this video with your colleagues so that they too can jump aboard the Ark and start seeing real benefits from data liberation.

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