The Green Factor 

Putting aside the already vast list of reasons why storing archive tape media in the cloud is a no-brainer, let’s focus purely on the environmental benefits of it.

If every time you needed data from an archive backup tape, a courier van needed to be started and driven to your office polluting the environment would you continue to do it when there is a better way?  Of course you wouldn’t.

Well, simply put, it’s greener in the cloud with Tape Ark.  Cloud storage is eco-friendly and offers a responsible and sustainable roadmap for future data storage needs.  It reduces the environmental impact over your standard vault storage and ensures that as a global community, that we use and share our resources more responsibly and efficiently. 

Storing physical tapes in offsite storage vaults has now become an irresponsible and wasteful use of our planets resources.  Archive tapes do not need to be driven around in air-conditioned carbon/emission producing courier vans nor stored in temperature and humidity controlled vaults and storage facilities (data hotels) which consume vast amounts of electricity when there is a better way. 

The environmental benefits of cloud storage include:

Reduction of Energy Consumption

Electricity and cooling requirements from both the storage vaults storing the tapes and the data centres required for restoring and reading those tapes on demand is significant. Remove the need to physically store these tapes and a big chunk of energy is conserved.

Reduction in Carbon Miles & Vehicle Emissions

Offsite data storage facilities more often than not are located many kilometres from city centres and the sites where organisations needs to read and use their data. This means courier vans congesting roads, increasing emissions and depleting the ozone layer when delivering tapes.  And let’s not forget, when you are done with your data, you need to return it to storage.  In the cloud – you don’t need to return your data – it is always available. If you remove the need to taxi tapes to and from offsite storage we are saving significant carbon miles. 

Better Use of Resources

Secure, public cloud storage equates to multi-tenancy on a global scale – a vast number of technology and storage users accessing and using the same infrastructure in the cloud.  By combining demand patterns across many organisations, time zones and industries, shared data centre resources mean huge efficiencies and better utilisation of our global resources. Peaks and troughs of processing and computation requirements are flattened out with the application of automation; the difference between any peaks becomes negligible as the loads on the infrastructure are managed more efficiently. The result: massive efficiencies and economies of scale in energy use and infrastructure resources which far outweigh anything that an in-house, unshared data centre infrastructure or private cloud could offer.