As specialists in tape drive backup services & solutions, the team at Tape Ark have the expertise and skills to handle tapes created with almost any format encapsulation. We can provide you with the right data and tape drive backup services and solutions you need, irrespective of the format of your tapes from the 1960’s to present day. Tape is old. It has been the backup medium of choice for nearly half a century. From the original reel to reel data tape technology, such as 9 tracks, through to early cartridges like 3490 and 8mm exabytes, right through to current LTO and 9940 technologies, tape has been a constant in the data storage landscape. 

Whilst Tape Ark have never strayed far from tape, each specific tape model has been ephemeral and quickly superseded by the next version with greater capacity and faster handling. During this time, many different online tape drive vendors and backup software providers have come and gone in the industry.  Restoring tapes created more than five years ago can prove to be very difficult or impossible for clients, but Tape Ark has the tools and skills required to handle tapes created with almost any format encapsulation.

To find out how we can help you contact us and one of experienced advisors will be in touch.

Have a particular format in mind?

Take a look at the range of formats our highly experienced technicians can work with.

Physical Media Capability

There are hundreds of media types that exist in the world. If you can’t find your media format, get in touch, we’ve nearly seen them all.

Reel/Cassette (1/2in)

7 Track Reel Tape - 1200ft, 2400ft (100bpi, 256bpi, 512bpi, 800bpi) (*Read only)

9 Track Reel Tape (3420) - 600ft, 1200ft, 2400ft, 3600ft (800bpi, 1600bpi, 3200bpi, 6250bpi)

14 Track Reel Tape H.D.D.R. – 1200ft, 2400ft (8000bpi) (*Read Only)

21 Track Reel Tape

3480 Cartridge Tape – SL, XL, XXL

3490 and 3490-E Cartridge Tape – SL and XL

3590 and 3590E Magstar MP Cartridge Tape – 10GB 20GB, & 40GB

3590H Magstar MP Cartridge Tape – 60GB

3592 (Jaguar) Cartridge Tape – 60GB & 300GB

3592-Gen2/Gen3 (TS1120/TS1130) – 500GB/700GB Cartridge Tape

9840 A/B/C (Eagle) Cassette Tape (Pending C)

9490EE Cassette Tape

T9940A/B Cassette Tape

T11000 Cartridge Tape – 500GB

NTCP Cartridge Tape – 20GB

Redwood SD-3 Cartridge Tape – Small, Medium and Large

Metrum VHS RSP-2150 (VLDS) Cassette Tape

DLTtape Cartridge Tape - 2000, 4000, 7000, 8000 and DLT1

DLT™ VS Cartirdge Tape – DLT1/VS80 (40GB), VS160 (80GB), VS1 & DLT-V4 (160GB)

DLT-S4 - (3rd Generation SuperDLT- Renaming product line) 800GB

Super DLTtape™- SDLT1 (220/320) and SLDT2 (600) Cartridge Tape – 110GB/160GB & 300GB

TK Cartridge Tape - TK30*, TK50*, TK70*, TK85, TK87, TK88 and TK89 (ComPacTape I, II, III, IIIxt, IV)

Sony DTF Cassette Tape - GW240S and GW730L

Sony DTF-2 Cassette Tape – GW2-60GS and GW2-200GL (200GB)

Sony S-AIT1 and S-AIT2 Cartridge Tape- 500GB/800GB

LTO / IBM 3580 Ultrium Cartridge Tape- LTO1 (100GB) & LTO2 (200GB)

LTO3 & LTO4 (TS2240) Cartridge Tape- 400GB/800GB

LTO5 & LTO6 Cartridge Tape
LTO5 (1.5Tb) & LTO6 (2.5Tb)

LTO7 & LTO8 Cartridge Tape
LTO7 (6Tb) & LTO8 (12Tb) 


Removable Disk

L USB and Firewire (1394) Portable Drives (Fat32, NTFS, NFS)

SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) Drives/Raids

CD-R(OM), CD-RW Disc – 650MB, 700MB

DD-R(OM), DD-RW (Double Density CD) Disc – 1.3GB

PD650 Rewritable Optical Disk Cartridge – 650MB

DVD-R, DVD+R, , DVD-RW, DVD+RW Recordable Disc – 3.95GB, 4.7GB

DVD-RAM Disc- 2.6GB , 5.2GB , 4.7GB & 9.4GB

HD DVD Disc – 15GB

BluRay Disc – 25GB and 50GB

UDO Disk Cartridge – Ultra Density Optical – 30GB (Pending)

PDD (Blu-Ray) Disc, PDD23, BD-ROM, BD-R – 23GB (Pending)

3 ½” and 5 ¼” Floppy Disk – SS, DS, LD and HD

3 ½” High Capacity Floppy Disk – LS-120 & LS-240 (SuperDisk) and HIFD-200 MB

3 ½” Floptical Disk – 21MB

3 ½”, 5 ¼”, 12″ and 14″ M.O., WORM, and Optical Disk Cartridge – various including IBM, Plasmon, Sony, H-P, and Panasonic

12″ Optical Disk Cartridge – Philips LMS/Plasmon LMS 4000, 6000, 8000

5 ¼” Bernoulli Disk - 44, 90, 105, 150 and 230 MB Iomega JAZ Disk - 1GB and 2GB

Iomega PocketZip (Clik!) Disk – 40MB

Iomega ZIP Disk - 100MB, 250MB & 750MB

Syquest Disk Cartridge - Ezflyer 135 & 230MB, SyJet 1.5GB, SparQ 1GB

3 ½” Syquest Disk Cartridge – SQ310 105MB and SQ327 270MB

5 ¼” Syquest Disk Cartridge – SQ400 44MB, SQ800 88MB, SQ1100 105MB and SQ2000 200M

Cartridges 1/4in, 8mm/4mm

8mm Exabyte Cassette Tape – 8200, 8500 and 8700

8mm Mammoth Cassette Tape – 8900, Mammoth LT, and 8mm Mammoth-2 Cassette Tape – M2 (20GB, 40GB, 60GB)

8mm AIT Cassette - AIT-1 , AIT-2, AIT-3 (100GB), AIT-3Ex (150GB), AIT-4 200GB and AIT-5 (400GB)

8mm AIT-Turbo Cassette – AIT-1Turbo (40GB) and AIT-E Turbo (20GB) (Pending)

8mm VXA Cassette – VXA-1 33GB (“V” series tapes) and VXA-2 80GB (“X” series tapes)

8mm VXA-320 160GB (“X” series tapes) (Pending)

4mm DAT Cassette Tape - DDS1, DDS2, DDS3 and DDS4

4mm DAT Cassette Tape - DDS5 (36GB)

19mm Sony D1 Cassette Tape - Medium and Large

19mm Ampex DD2 DST Cassette Tape – Small, Medium and Large

¼” ADR & ADR2 – (15GB, 25GB), (30GB, 60GB, 120GB)

¼” 3570 Magstar MP “B” Format Cartridge Tape

¼” 3570 Magstar MP “C” and “C-XL” Format Cartridge Tape

¼” Cartridge – Mini QIC (including Irwin, Colorado, Travan, DC2xxx’s and MC3xxx’s)

¼” Cartridge – Mini QIC (including Iomega: Ditto Max, Ditto Easy, Ditto)

¼” Cartridge – Standard QIC (including DC6xxx’s, DC9xxx’s, SLR2, SLR3, SLR4, SLR5, SLR24 (SLR6), and SLR7)

¼” Cartridge – Standard QIC SLR32 (13 GB and MLR1), SLR40, SLR50 (MLR3), SLR60,SLR75, and SLR100 & SLR140 (pending)

Flash Media

USB Pen Drives/Flash Drive/Memory Drive – JumpDrive, MicroVault, JetFlashA, DataTraveler

CompactFlash - CF – Types I & II – MicroDrive

Memory Stick – MS

Secure Digital Card - SD

SmartMedia - SM (SSFDC)

xD Picture Card - xD

PCMCIA Memory Card – Types I & II

PC Hard Disk Card – Types I & II

 Video & Film


Betacam & Betamax






16mm & 35mm gauge