Tape Auditing and Indexing

After years of backing up your network, changing your backup software and tape drives, it is common to not be sure exactly what data is on each tape. Often reading all of the tapes to determine contents, or even simple things like creation date or determining the backup format, can be overwhelming.

Tape Ark can help reduce the risk of throwing out tapes you should retain. In some cases, retaining tapes you no longer need may also be your concern. In any case, Tape Ark has the tools and hardware to re-catalogue, restore or migrate the data to ensure you are meeting your retention requirements.

Tape Ark can handle the media types and data formats listed on these pages.


Tape Auditing

Our tape audit process can be customised to meet your specific requirements. Many companies use our audit services to determine:

  • The backup format of media 
  • The created date of the media 
  • Which server or network does the tape cover
  • Volumes of data

In many cases, our audits and indexing can be done free of charge as part of a migration or duplication service.

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Tape Indexing

Determining the full content of a tape cartridge can be time consuming and complex. In many cases, clients no longer have the right tape drive or software to perform the full catalogue in their own right. Or, they simply do not have the time or resources to complete the job in a reasonable time frame.

Tape Ark has specialised tools that can do large volumes of media in very short time periods.