Tape Ark partners with Seagate in global deal to liberate tape-archived legacy data

On 10th December 2018, Tape Ark announced that they have successfully reached a partnership agreement with global data storage giant Seagate Technology, uniting together in a global deal to liberate tape-archived legacy data.  

The agreement will see Seagate’s Lyve Data Services advanced data management expertise being combined with Tape Ark’s unique data restoration technology, to enable zettabytes of tape-bound data to be rapidly migrated from client’s ageing offsite tapes directly to large public cloud platforms of the customer’s choice to enable access and analysis using AI-driven technologies.

Why did Tape Ark and Seagate join forces and partner for this project?

The combination of Tape Ark’s unique expertise and Seagate’s global reach and facilities will allow organisations around the world to restore and preserve their valuable, latent data more efficiently.

What does each party bring to the partnership?  

  • Tape Ark brings more than two decades of specialised tape transcription, data migration, data recovery and restoration experience to the union.

  • Tape Ark has pioneered a bespoke, groundbreaking software suite and tape-to-cloud data transfer interface.

  • Tape Ark has developed proprietary technology to free data trapped within a maze of data formats, file systems, and legacy tape formats. By deploying unique scalable and automated tape migration tools and backend infrastructure, legacy tapes can seamlessly be migrated to the cloud en masse and then easily accessed through a client portal.

  • Seagate provides infrastructure and facilities that are scalable with the ability to ingest tens of thousands of tapes per day – by far the largest facilities of the kind anywhere in the world.  

  • Seagate Lyve Data Services provides global scale, leading expertise in efficient data management and recovery, and the most advanced edge hardware solutions to ensure secure data transport from the edge to any cloud service.

  • Seagate Technology has considerable experience working with its partners to advance the datasphere.

Why liberate ageing data from tape to cloud storage?

There are zettabytes of data sitting trapped on legacy tapes, stuck in offsite vault storage, disconnected, difficult to access and deteriorating on ageing technology. Key reasons why it should be liberated include:

  • Degradation of tape in long term storage can cause permanent data loss. 

  • Data on tape in offsite storage is difficult to access and use.

  • Data on tape in offsite storage is an ever growing and expensive cost centre.

  • Data on tape in offsite storage provides no revenue stream.

Once liberated, what is the potential for the data with new technologies?  

Liberating data, bringing it online to the cloud and making it instantly accessible may provide the following opportunities:

  • New and evolving AI driven technologies and deep data analytics can be applied to the data

  • Data can be shared with third parties.

  • Additional copies of the data can be replicated for risk management purposes.

  • Different data sets can be combined and be analysed together

  • New breakthroughs in research, new insights and discoveries can be made

  • Data can be commercalised and turned into a revenue stream/valuable business asset 

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