Tape Ark are proud to announce their induction as Gold Members of the leading industry body Open Group’s Open Subsurface Data Universe™ (OSDU) Forum.

The OSDU is developing a standard data platform for the oil and gas industry, which will reduce silos and put data at the center of the subsurface community.

Guy Holmes, Tape Ark Founder, CEO and geophysicist, said the organization was pleased to be formally inducted, having previously provided mass ingest of Seismic data services to the Open Subsurface Data Universe platform.

“The OSDU is one of the most forward-thinking concepts in data management that has emerged from the oil and gas sector in many years. The initiatives by the OSDU will accelerate the deployment of emerging digital solutions like AI and ML for better decision-making and interpretation, while also standardizing the way data is stored, addressed, and shared.”

“With data shifting from private clouds and tapes to the public cloud, a common platform for new developments like OSDU will help leverage the data being ingested while also building an innovative ecosystem that will grow the industries’ capability as a whole,” said Holmes.

Tape to cloud migration specialists Tape Ark seeks to liberate the world’s tape-bound data to the public cloud and the OSDU is an ideal repository.

“Tape Ark’s membership in OSDU will allow us to provide input into the platform, while at the same time help populate it with large volumes of data to help the OSDU increase its traction”, said Holmes.

In addition to helping the OSDU develop, streamline and integrate the data ingest process and tools needed to populate the OSDU framework, Tape Ark will also provide oil and gas companies with a service facilitating the use of the platform at scale.

“Tape Ark is the only Member focussed on ingesting massive data volumes to the cloud, we have a lot to contribute to both sides of the equation”.

Tape Ark is proud to sit as a Gold Member alongside existing service partners Bluware, Subsurface.io, Amazon Web Services, (AWS), Google, and Microsoft Azure.

With this membership, Tape Ark will join the ranks alongside companies including Shell, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, IBM, Oracle, Fujitsu, and Carnegie Mellon University.


“Tape Ark Powered by Seagate was the original registrant in the OSDU”