Tape and Data Recovery

Corporate data growth presents one of the greatest concerns and challenges for organisations in today’s data centre environment. Technology and management complexities are abundant, so in order to cope with growth challenges, it’s quite normal for an organisation to upgrade their backup hardware and software solutions.

Technology advances with tape drives as spinning disk and backup platforms offer performance and capacity advantages, keeping burgeoning backup windows in check and reducing the costs of storing offline copies of data. Advances in backup software addresses challenges in the complexity of backup data management.

With each change of backup hardware and/or software, an archive of older data remains in a format that may not be compatible with your new solution. Corporate governance increases emphasis on both retaining access to legacy tape and data and the ability to recover and present it in a timely manner. For best practice, data stored on legacy tape and backup software formats should be made current via a migration process to your new solution.

The migration of backup media is complex and can involve a number of different elements, dependent on the exact nature of the project. Most companies that attempt their own data migrations run projects that go on for many months, and never actually complete or fail to take into consideration corporate governance and data management best practices.

The team at Tape Ark can convert data from legacy tape and software formats to any new environment you may have. Tape Ark’s extensive experience and resources in tape and data recovery enables them to provide an individually tailored solution specific to your environment, data requirements and budget.

What are the benefits?

  • Secure and fast migration of legacy data to new backup hardware and software
  • Reduced data storage costs and footprint
  • No additional hardware or software costs to support legacy backup environments
  • Free up internal company resources to perform higher value tasks
  • Low risk using a certified process managed by the experts in data migration
  • Integration of existing backup catalogue data for ease of access to legacy data
  • Reduction in business overheads such as a facility's cost, power, cooling and physical floor space once dedicated to keeping legacy environments running

Tape Ark has provided corporate data migration and conversion services for more than 25 years. Their unique systems and software protect data during conversion and processing. The standard data conversion processing streams include quality and integrity checks that ensure the integrity and long-term security of your data.

In today's fast-moving technology environment, keeping legacy equipment and expertise online in order to retain access to legacy and current data is an expensive investment and is fast becoming a nonviable option. To learn more about data recovery and restoration services available at Tape Ark, get in touch with the team on (08) 9218 8733 for solutions that are customised to your business’ needs.