Reconcile and Destroy

Companies waste a lot of money each year on physical tape storage in offsite vaults, licensing software for legacy tape media "just in case" they need to do a restore or maintaining hardware and legacy tape drives so that they can continue to support historical backups.

In addition to our Data On Call service, Tape Ark offers services to reconcile your holdings and dispose of unneeded tapes and data to ensure that access to the data you need is always available, and the disposal of data you don't need happens on time.

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Data Reconciliation

Over time companies change. The tape media they use or the hardware used to do the initial backups all seem to change at an increasing pace. It seems like every two to three years companies need to make major infrastructure changes to stay relevant.

Tape Ark can help track what data is relevant, what hardware and software is needed to access it and give you confidence that your data will be accessible into the future.


Data Disposal

Tape Ark provides both secure and environmentally friendly disposal methods for your end of life media. Tape Ark deploys several methods to ensure that your data disposal is secure, permanent and not harmful to the environment.

Some common reasons why companies dispose of tape media:

  • Migration of data from tape to cloud
  • End of life media is no longer required
  • After consolidating archives or performing an indexing project
  • Retention guidelines permit its disposal