Once your data is liberated and accessible in a digital format, a whole new world of digital content opportunity is suddenly at your fingertips. This includes:

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  • Ability to create a new or load into an existing data lake or MAM (Media Asset Management) or DAM (Digital Asset Management) system where you can store, search, organise, backup and view your media assets online at the touch of a button.
  • Ability to create a comprehensive data catalogue of your video collection so that it can be indexed, searched and found.
  • Application of new data technologies such as speech to text, and image recognition. We can convert speech to text and time code it to the video on a frame by frame basis so you have a full transcription of all words spoken in each video. This is very powerful when you want to capture a certain person saying a particular phrase and helps reduce editing time when compiling packages.  

Application of AI technologies and tools to create enriched metadata and smart indexing. For example, with AI, we can perform celebrity recognition, sentiment analysis, facial expressions, background object recognition, and any on screen text can be converted to text based metadata.  As an example, instead of having a clip called “Brad Pitt at the Oscars”, you can enhance your metadata to include, Brad Pitt, with to Angelina Jolie, saying the word “You won” while looking sad, sitting at a table with at least 3 other celebrities near a glass of water.  This allows you to enhance your metadata, which then allows you to more easily search, find and monetise your content. 

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