Partnerships and Collaborations

By collaborating with best-in-breed technology providers and innovators, Tape Ark is forging alliances and partnerships with organisations so that we can proactively and reliably empower our customers to bring their old, historical tape data into the 21st century, making it accessible, sustainable and providing real value for money. 

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Cloud Storage Gurus

Amazon Web Services (AWS) are our heroes.    They have innovated the cloud storage and computer industry like no one else.  Way to go @JeffBezos and @Werner  Follow them @awscloud to learn more. 

To read more about Tape Ark's partnership with AWS, click here.

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Cloud Storage and Software Geniuses

The world’s biggest software company now bringing global public cloud to the masses.  Loving the work of @satyanadella ‏and @BillGates. Follow them @Azure to learn more.


Engineered To Help Business Thrive

Secure, global, high-performance, cost-effective and constantly improving. Google have built their cloud for the long haul. Follow them @googlecloud.


Hard disk and data storage masters

Seagate is a leader in hard disk drives and storing the worlds digital content. They create space and develop products that enable people and businesses around the world to create, share, use and preserve their most critical memories and business data. Follow them @Seagate to learn more.


Backup Software

Commvault , the world’s number one selling vendor of back-up software provide information and data management solutions to mid- and enterprise-level organisations worldwide - ensuring a significantly better way to get value from data assets.


On Cloud Deduplication

StorReduce provides deduplication of the data Tape Ark migrate from tapes.  If you thought the Tape Ark concept was great, then add in StorReduce to make it even more awesome.  Follow them @StorReduce.


NEC is a leading technology company, delivering a complete portfolio of innovative ICT solutions and services to large enterprise, small business and government organisations.  Follow them at @necaustralia to learn more.


Data Analytics & Machine Learning

dataVedik’s mission is to create positive change in the society by using data analytics and machine learning to solve real life problems.
Tape Ark can liberate data, and dataVedik can add the real value that clients seek from it. Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine Learning and end-to-end Data Ecosystems and Upstream Consulting for Oil & Gas. Follow them @datavedik.

DownUnder Geo Solutions

An innovative geoscience company offering a diverse range of exploration products and services to the global O&G industry including cutting edge geoscience visualisation,  interpretation and processing software and services.  Follow @dug to learn more.


Mapping and Modelling & Solutions

Mapping, surface modelling and data management software solutions which aggregate, manage and analyse underlying O&G data with clarity and accuracy. Follow @Petrosys to keep up to date with their awesome range of seismic tools.


Providing innovative solutions and equipment for seismic data acquisition

Manufacturer of seismic instruments and equipment to the on-shore land exploration industry for seismic data acquisition, R&D, testing, QC and monitoring. Follow @SeismicSource to learn more.


Machine Learning & AI Solutions Experts

Foundation3 are helping to build tomorrow’s companies, today though the application of cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning algorithms to build deployable AI solutions in the energy and financial sectors. See more @

Bringing new technology to global markets

Unearthed believe in the power of entrepreneurship to transform individuals and communities, to create economic opportunity, and to address global challenges. Tape Ark feels the same. Follow @Unearthed to learn more.


Professional Petroleum Data Management Association

PPDM is a global, not-for-profit society that provides leadership for the professionalisation of petroleum data management. Follow them @PPDMAssociation to learn more.