Our Facilities

Doing the type of work that Tape Ark does, does not make for a glamorous data centre filled with the latest tape and storage technology. While the tech we deploy is not glamorous, it is effective. Through the use of public cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, we have access to an incredible range of toolsets that we can leverage at low cost, high speed and with great efficiency.

The services provided by Tape Ark to migrate tape based corporate backups often involves the same legacy technology that created the data in the first place. In some cases, working with tapes that are over 30 years old requires ingenuity, lateral thinking and likely some very old equipment. So if you ever visit, be prepared to be impressed by our security, friendly staff and great work environment rather than how many flashing lights we have in our data centre. You name a tape drive – and we have it from just about all ages and vintages.  9 Track reel to reel, 3480, 3590, 3592, DLT, LTO, SDLT, Betacam etc. 

The legacy equipment combined with our ability to work at scale, allows us to migrate massive volumes of tape-based content (Video or Data) in a very short time period. In fact, our proprietary mass migration system allows for us to run hundreds or even thousands of tape drives simultaneously in multiple geographic locations through a single interface. This, in turn, allows us to be efficient, scalable and responsive to projects in any location.

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