Today’s modern Oil and Gas companies are looking to innovate applying cutting edge technologies to improve their speed of discovery, profitability, and operational efficiencies. Technological advances in advanced analytics and machine learning are re-imagining the industry.

With Tape Ark, Oil and Gas Companies now have access and control of their legacy data by migrating proprietary tape bound data assets to the cloud to enable their digital transformation.

Scattered across the globe, unreachable in offsite storage facilities, are millions of tapes containing sub-surface and production data. Over time these tapes deteriorate and obsolete formats make data recovery a challenge. Given the high cost of seismic acquisition, this archived data, is a valuable and yet underutilised asset.

Geology, unlike technology, doesn’t change quickly, so geophysical data recorded up to half a century ago can still be highly relevant to today’s modern Oil and Gas companies, especially with the application of cutting edge technology, software and data analytic tools, that were not available at the time of the initial data acquisition. 

Tape-to-cloud data migration is an inevitability for those who see value in their legacy exploration data. The reality for the industry is proprietary seismic acquisition data stored on physical tape media are decaying, ageing and becoming more inaccessible every day as hardware becomes obsolete. The inherent risk - the assets can be lost forever and may even become a liability.

Tape Ark have over 20 years experience managing and processing subsurface data for the world’s leading exploration companies. Combined with expertise in cloud technology, Tape Ark can efficiently and accurately migrate data with all required metadata fields captured.

Tape Ark has developed cutting edge proprietary technology streaming tools to allow data to be ingested at a massive scale, and convert format to enable Oil and Gas Companies to improve and regain access to their valuable data assets.  Our petroleum specific data management services have been used by large and small oil companies and a vast number of federal, state and international Governments.  

Tape Ark technology services include: