The oil and gas industry generates large volumes of exploration and production data that is often used more than once and requires on-going access for years or even decades. Geology, unlike technology, doesn’t change quickly, so geophysical data recorded up to half a century ago can still be very relevant to an oil and gas organisation today – even more so with the addition of new technology, software and data analytic tools that were not available when this data was first recorded. 

In the main, when an oil company decides to change applications from one type to another, often the data that they have been using also needs be moved.  Tape Ark plans to end that data movement, by providing a single source open petroleum data lake where your data can stay resident, even if you choose to use another application to manage or process your data.

Given that exploration vessels shooting offshore data today cost around $1 million per day to acquire new seismic data, old archived seismic data quickly becomes a very valuable asset. However, if those assets (i.e. valuable seismic acquisition data stored on physical tape media in offsite storage) are decaying, ageing and becoming more inaccessible every day, then those assets can very easily be lost forever and become a liability.

We understand the unique complexities of geophysical data and can provide expertise and services that bring real value to oil and gas data management.  The Tape Ark team has more than 20 years experience dealing with geophysical data and has developed a range of proprietary tools and format converters to help oil and gas companies improve or regain access to their valuable data assets.  Our petroleum specific data management services have been used by large and small oil companies and a vast number of federal, state and international Governments.  

In turn this now accessible exploration and production data can now have new processing technologies applied, including but not limited to big data analytics on a scale never seen before.

Geophysical Data Services

Tape Ark doesn’t just copy your geophysical and seismic data from one type of media to another – we are your geophysical data management partners and the custodians of your valuable exploration data assets for the long term.

We understand and know the complexities of your priceless geophysical data and endeavour to add value where we can and provide options that will not only preserve already ageing exploration data archives, but future proof your data by providing strategic solutions on an ongoing basis.

The types of geophysical data services that Tape Ark provides the mining and resource sector include: