Tape Ark officially recognised as First Specialised Mass Ingest Amazon Web Services (AWS) Oil & Gas Partner

Tape Ark are thrilled to have officially been appointed as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Oil & Gas Partner – the first and only AWS partner to be featured on the AWS web site for specialised, large volume tape ingest and migration of exploration data into the public cloud platform.

AWS Oil n Gas_1308-oil-n-gas_social-image_800X400_1.png

The movement of exploration data from physical offsite storage and private cloud solutions to online public cloud storage is quickly gaining momentum and empowering oil and gas companies to perform analytics on data that was previous inaccessible. Once available, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advances in big data and analytics stand to make some of the most significant changes and technological advances in the oil sector over the next 10 years.   

Tape Ark’s unique ingest solution and open petroleum data lake (OPDL) using Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier provides oil and gas companies with a repository, index, and GIS linkage for a variety of data types including seismic, well, velocity, reports, potential field and many others.

Tape Ark, through collaboration and partnership with AWS are empowering O&G organisations to extract value from their data, streamline operations and reduce operating costs and timelines and maximise use of resources more efficiently.