Tape Ark Founder Guy C. Holmes Appointed to Foundation3 Advisory Board

Tape Ark today announced that Founder and CEO Guy C. Holmes has been appointed to the Advisory Board of Foundation3 - a Houston-based data science product and big data consultancy specialising in the application of cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning algorithms to build deployable AI solutions in the energy and financial sectors.

Guy Holmes_1.jpg

The invitation for the appointment was extended to Guy, a qualified Geophysicist with a MBA in Technology Management, due to his recognition as a leading expert in the data management field.  With more than 25 years of experience in specialty data preservation, data liberation and data recovery techniques, Guy has completed DM projects for a multitude of global O&G organisations, as well on the recovery of data  from the NASA Apollo Lunar Landings and data for corporate and government organisations worldwide.

Tape Ark and Foundation3 will be collaborating together on projects to create and bring AI and deep learning applications to their O&G industry clients.  These clients are only now gaining access to large volumes of recently “liberated to the public cloud” archive exploration data, which has previously been shackled and locked away in offsite physical data storage facilities.