Saving the World’s Second Largest Collection of Data - DAMA Sydney Presentation

Tape Ark Founder and CEO Guy Holmes is honoured to have addressed the Australian Data Management Association (DAMA) Sydney Chapter last Tuesday 8th May with a lively and engaging presentation centred around the world’s growing collection of tapes and tape data.   

Guy C. Holmes, Tape Ark CEO & Founder

Guy C. Holmes, Tape Ark CEO & Founder

The Club York venue hosted the DAMA event where Guy presented a talk entitled “Saving the World’s Second Largest Collection of Data”  – now estimated at over 1 billion ageing and decaying tapes sitting in offsite storage which are not easily or readily accessible. The tapes are getting older, the drives are becoming obsolete, and with the advent of Big Data and Analytics tools, more and more companies want to gain access to these collections. 

The event also caught the attention of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) journalism department who also sent along 4 journalism students who hammered Guy with great questions.  Also in attendance were staff from the Commonwealth Bank, University of New South Wales Technology Department, and a wide range of consultants and information asset managers.

The presentation covered why people want access, how it can be managed, and Guy related his own experiences with legacy data recovery projects for NASA, the Commonwealth Government, and many others that yielded important results.

DAMA President Glen Bell commented "Guy Holmes gave an excellent presentation to DAMA Sydney. He is an entertaining and insightful presenter with world-class knowledge of the tape back-up industry."

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