Commvault Appoints Tape Ark as Australian Technology Partner

Commvault the world’s number one selling vendor of back-up software has appointed Perth-based technology start up Tape Ark as an authorised technology partner for tape to cloud data storage services.

This new alliance will see Tape Ark and Commvault collaborate together to deliver innovative data storage solutions to customers whose IT and data roadmaps are currently challenged or constricted by the large holdings of archive and historical backup tape data that they are required to retain and store in offsite data storage facilities.

“In talking to the Commvault team, one of the biggest challenges facing a Commvault customer in a new site, was the issue of how the client would deal with the legacy backups that were created by another backup system prior to Commvault being installed. Commvault approached Tape Ark, because we had a solution to that issue, which allows for legacy tape systems to be fully supported via Tape Ark’s innovative cloud based solution, freeing up clients to decommission old hardware and software solutions and move freely into the Commvault solution.” Said Guy Holmes, CEO of Tape Ark.

Through the continuing fall in Cloud storage costs and the Cloud’s popularity and high adoption rate for current data and backup requirements, Tape Ark is now re-imagining the way organisations can approach historical and legacy tape data collections which are held in physical offsite facilities by bringing them into the 21st century.

Tape Ark Founder and CEO Guy Holmes remarked "We are delighted to partner with Commvault in Australia to provide holistic, industry leading data management solutions to customers throughout the region.   

We look forward to working closely together with Commvault and building affordable and logical data management alternatives to the market through the implementation and adoption of technologies that are bringing archival data storage practices into the modern age."