The Start of Another Exciting Year

I settled into my favourite chair, eyes closed, clenching my fists, releasing them slowly, clenching again, releasing slowly. I did the same with my feet repeatedly until I felt warm and as light as a feather. After a few minutes I started to enter a deep state of relaxation.

Before starting this process, I read all of the technology predictions for 2016 from a variety of sources including the Harvard Business Review, Forbes and, and stored them away in the back of my mind. Once relaxed, I thought about those predictions and tried to imagine and immerse myself in them fully.

To be honest, I simply could not wait a full year to start to try the new technology that I have been assured will be making my life easier by the end of 2016. 

So, off I went. There I am in my driverless car talking to my virtual assistant in the office. Could I get a ticket for talking on a mobile phone if there is no driver? The car seamlessly and swiftly transports me to my office – and like a lot of things that are easy – it is nothing short of boring. Just for a bit of fun, I try and convince it to take me to a drive thru for breakfast. Would it open the correct window of the car so I can get the food handed to me when we pull up?

Does the driverless driver have his own window, and if so – why? Had the developers thought of everything? 

Turns out the developers had in fact thought of everything. The car rejects my request as my wife has already informed the car of my cholesterol levels. It offers me some fresh fruit instead.

 After changing my selected destination midway through a few roundabouts to see what the car will do, my mind drifts to other technology.

 I decide to use my augmented reality device to contact my microwave oven to inform it of the incoming pizza that is being delivered by drone to the office.  My wearable fitness wrist band gives me an electric shock and the car offers more fruit.

 I start to wonder why I was even in the driverless car on my way to the office when I could have sent my telepresence robot to the management meeting instead. What about a driverless office? This future stuff is not what I was hoping for.

 In one of the biggest industries on the planet, although maybe a little smaller than it was last year, what does 2016 hold for the oil and gas industry?

 1. More uncertainty: I know that this one is a little obvious – but it sure is great to be right.

 2. The industry finally ‘gets’ Big Data: the oil and gas sector generates massive volumes of data. This year the industry finally realises that it can use all of it at once to do things it never thought possible.

 3. The Cloud: the industry’s IT leaders will stop saying ‘but the Cloud is not secure’.

 4. Unprecedented adoption of automation: with low oil prices, cheaper wireless sensors and well developed mesh networking, oil and gas companies will continue to find a way of doing things without the need for more people.

 5. Alternative energy: increased pressure to diversify into alternative energy production by the Majors. It can’t be ignored much longer.

 My 2016 predictions don’t really sound like things will be much fun this year. I may have to find a way to live in augmented reality for the next 12 months to avoid having to actually see my predictions unfold.


Guy Holmes

Guy is a graduate of Geophysics from Macquarie University in Sydney, and has completed a Masters of Business Administration (Technology Management) from Deakin University in Melbourne. 

Guy is a successful leader with a proven track record in the growth of start up and turn around businesses in the IT, medical and information management sectors.

Guy has extensive experience in the oil and gas, minerals, medical, and information management industries in Australia and the Asia Pacific and is a highly regarded entrepreneur.

Guy’s experience includes:

• Sourcing Venture Capital
• Acquisitions and Sales of businesses
• Commercial technology development
• Research and development for internal and external products
• International business development
• Product and service marketing, development, and management
• Multimillion dollar contract negotiations with government and private sectors (International and domestic)
• Development of business and marketing plans, strategy documents , and other executive level documents
• Industry leader in information management, data management, archiving strategies, legacy technology with a particular focus on the management of oil and gas and minerals information and data on a global scale.
• Operational management and refinement to seek maximum profitability
• Grant applications, financing arrangements, and seeking alternative funding

The results that Guy has achieved in his varied roles stand testimony to his abilities to:

• Manage organizational resources to achieve results
• Develop and drive technology solutions to achieve business goals
• Grow businesses that are both start-up and/or stagnant
• Successfully land, negotiate, perform and complete projects both domestically and internationally

Guy has been married for 24 years and has five children. He enjoys playing ice hockey, travel, mountaineering and spending time with his family and reading.