SpectrumData Sells its Oil & Gas Data Management Assets to Katalyst Data Management

Perth AUSTRALIA (July 14, 2015) – SpectrumData announced today that it has sold its oil and gas data management assets to Houston based Katalyst Data Management.  The sale of these assets will provide the corporate data services (CDS) division of SpectrumData with increased cash resources to further expand its service offering and cloud based technology platform.

As a result of the acquisition, SpectrumData’s Melbourne based CDS division will maintain its presence, while the geoscience service division will transition SpectrumData’s Perth and Wellington locations into full-service Katalyst subsurface datacentres in the months ahead. 

“The fit between Katalyst Data Management and SpectrumData’s oil and gas division is exceptional. This transaction marries Katalyst’s world leading iGlass technology to SpectrumData’s Asia-Pacific data management client base. The transaction is a great result for both our oil and gas clients and our CDS clients alike. The oil and gas client base will now have a global leader to service their needs, while our CDS division will receive greater focus and resources,” said Guy Holmes, SpectrumData’s Chairman.

The acquisition by Katalyst expands its ability to meet the demands of their global customer base and will include new offices in Perth, Australia, Wellington, New Zealand and its operations in New Delhi, India. Katalyst currently operates subsurface E&P datacentres located in the US (Houston, Denver and Oklahoma City), Canada (Calgary) and the UK (London).  In Australia and New Zealand, Katalyst will trade under the name KDM SpectrumData.

“This acquisition marks another milestone in our journey to have a presence in major oil and gas data markets across the globe,” said Katalyst President and CEO Steve Darnell. “We have made significant investment to expand our service offering in North America and Europe, and we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities we see in the Asia-Pacific region. Utilising our proprietary technologies iGlass and SeismicZone, we will be implementing our complete end-to-end data management solution in Perth and Wellington.” 

About SpectrumData

SpectrumData is a specialist data storage and data management company, focused on providing data asset and management services to major corporates throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

About Katalyst

Katalyst Data Management provides a complete data management solution assisting oil and gas companies with the difficult challenge of managing the vast amount of subsurface data and information acquired for exploration and production. Katalyst’s end-to-end solution includes every step in the process, from data capture and verification, data storage and organisation, to marketing seismic data online. Katalyst’s signature offerings include the web-based iGlass solution for subsurface data management and the ecommerce site SeismicZone for data marketing.


Guy Holmes

Guy is a graduate of Geophysics from Macquarie University in Sydney, and has completed a Masters of Business Administration (Technology Management) from Deakin University in Melbourne. 

Guy is a successful leader with a proven track record in the growth of start up and turn around businesses in the IT, medical and information management sectors.

Guy has extensive experience in the oil and gas, minerals, medical, and information management industries in Australia and the Asia Pacific and is a highly regarded entrepreneur.

Guy’s experience includes:

• Sourcing Venture Capital
• Acquisitions and Sales of businesses
• Commercial technology development
• Research and development for internal and external products
• International business development
• Product and service marketing, development, and management
• Multimillion dollar contract negotiations with government and private sectors (International and domestic)
• Development of business and marketing plans, strategy documents , and other executive level documents
• Industry leader in information management, data management, archiving strategies, legacy technology with a particular focus on the management of oil and gas and minerals information and data on a global scale.
• Operational management and refinement to seek maximum profitability
• Grant applications, financing arrangements, and seeking alternative funding

The results that Guy has achieved in his varied roles stand testimony to his abilities to:

• Manage organizational resources to achieve results
• Develop and drive technology solutions to achieve business goals
• Grow businesses that are both start-up and/or stagnant
• Successfully land, negotiate, perform and complete projects both domestically and internationally

Guy has been married for 24 years and has five children. He enjoys playing ice hockey, travel, mountaineering and spending time with his family and reading.