The mining, energy, and environmental sectors each have individual and complex corporate data retention requirements and regulations to comply with.  In addition, the industry sector generates large volumes of exploration and production data that is often used more than once and requires on going access for years or even decades.

Tape Ark understands these complexities and can provide services that bring real value to the resource sector.  Tape Ark has more than 15 years experience dealing with data from the resource sector, and has developed a range of tools, and format converters to help companies improve access to their critical data.  In turn this data can then be used in modern processing technology, as well as used for analytics and big data analysis on a scale never seen before.

The types of services that Tape Ark provides the mining and resource sector include:

  • Restore archive tapes
  • Reformat legacy tape backups for ingest into newly deployed backup systems
  • Restore and import large volumes of tapes to Amazon or Azure
  • Prepare large volumes of data for analytics platform ingestion
  • Restore and reformat exploration and geophysical data (List of formats here)
  • Segregate data (geographically or logically) for joint venture or divestitures of mining assets